Preforming with the Alphorn

Hans P. Danuser von Platen performs alone or with the
alphorn showband Engiadina St. Moritz at some 80 concerts
a year in the Engadin valley, throughout Europe and overseas.

Alphorn Showband Engadin St. Moritz

Sound example: Thalkirchdorfer Alphornwalzer
Alphorn show band Engiadina St. Moritz and Engadiner Ländlerfründa
CD: Klänge aus dem Festsaal der Alpen
A musical portrait of the Engadine valley
Blueland Music


International performances (selection):

125 years of Hotel Hassler in Rome

26th - 29th November 2018, Roma/Italia


Engadin St. Moritz Mountains opens the winter season in Milan

26th September 2018, Milano/Italia


Christkindlmarkt Innsbruck/Austria
8th December 2016, Goldenes Dachl

Swiss National Day 2016

August 2016, Ambassy of Switzerland, Teheran/Iran

Swiss National Day 2016

August 2016, Ambassy of Switzerland, Madrid/Spain

Ambassy of Switzerland, Rom/Italy
1./2. December 2015

Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenster"Alphorns instead of Helbards! - La Suisse existe!"
Milan, 26th September 2015


Swiss National Day 2015

Ambassy of Switzerland, Teheran/Iran, July/August 2015

Concerts in South Tyrol, Italy
17th  - 19th April 2015


Christkindlmarkt Innsbruck, Goldenes Dachl
8th December 2014, 11.30 - 12.30 am

15th Pirovano Snowfestival, Stelvio pass
11th December 2014

Swiss national day 2014 on Island Spetses / Greece
Private event, july/august 2014

9. 5. 2014, Graubünden EXPO Milan 2015

Business Airport World Expo 2014, Farnborough / London
25. - 27. 3. 2014

Volksfest Ebersberg

13. 8. 2013

Swiss national day in Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Argentinia,
and Montevideo, Urugay
July / August 2013

International music festival, Prague

March 2013

Gala concert by the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik, Innsbruck
8. 12. 2012

Swiss national day on the Olympia tower in Munich
1. 8. 2012

High Tatras, Slovakia
20. - 26. 6. 2012